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Exbourne Neighbourhood Plan

Progress so far


  • May – Neighbourhood Plan Group formed
  • September – Application to designate Neighbourhood Area and Group Terms of Reference filed with West Devon Borough Council ("WDBC")
  • September/October – Public consultation on proposed Neighbourhood Area
  • September – Questionnaire delivered to the community with the aim of identifying the key themes and issues that the Neighbourhood Plan should focus on as well as our community vision for the Exbourne of the future
  • November - Area designation approved.  The delegated report is available to view on WDBC's website at http://www.westdevon.gov.uk/wdneighbourhoodplans


  • January - Exbourne Neighbourhood Plan website is launched
  • February - Publication of a document summarising the responses to the vision, key themes and issues questionnaire  (see 'Documentation' section of this website)
  • March - Vision and aims for the Neighbourhood Plan published (See the "Vision and aims" link above)
  • April - December - The Neighbourhood Plan Group has worked on an evidence base of factual information, analysis, and documents that will help inform the Plan and, together with the vision, aims and objectives, will help guide policy development and determine key questions for the community


  • February - The Neighbourhood Plan Group begin distributing a fortnightly newsletter to all households in the Parish.  The newsletters provide an introduction to some of the topics on which we will seek the community's opinion at a Community Consultation Day on 6th May 2017.  Copies are available to download from the "Documentation" link above.
  • March - Public consultation on the future of open spaces in Exbourne.  The community is asked to nominate green areas in and around the village that are particularly important to them and why.  These will be considered for designation as "Local Green Spaces" in the Neighbourhood Plan (See "Local Green Spaces" link above).
  • May - Community Consultation Day held in the Village Hall to present some of the Neighbourhood Plan Group's evidence base work and to ask for the community's views on some key questions relating to potential areas of policy.
  • August - Devon Community Together’s report on the Community Consultation Day is published (available to download from the "Documentation" link above).  

Current Status

The Neighbourhood Plan Group is continuing to develop an evidence base and has begun work on developing policies to include in an initial draft of the Neighbourhood Plan.   There is a lot of work required and only a small group of volunteers to do it, so please bear with us during this time.